FC: Dudley O'Shaunessy
Current M!A: None.

I am Black Manta II - loyal soldier of my father, the original Black Manta, and sworn enemy of my former "mentor", Orin. I have abandoned my former "team" - Aqualad is dead, as you will be, if you stand in our way.

(I am Kaldur'ahm...formerly known as Aqualad, though I cannot be sure if I will ever take the title again. I am the son of Calvin Durham and Sha'lain'a, of Shayeris, genetics be damned. I have sworn to take down the Light from within - to ensure that Tula's sacrifice was not in vain...)

{{Indie RP account for Kaldur'ahm of "Young Justice: Invasion".}}

{{This is a reboot of my old Invasion!Kaldur blog, "blackmantalad". Click on the Explanation page for details please.}}

{{Open to RPs and asks.}}

{{!!! NO NSFW CONTENT !!!}}

10th June 2012

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"It seems I have attracted quite a lot of attention.

Tell me what business you have here before I call my men to escort you away.”

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