FC: Dudley O'Shaunessy
Current M!A: None.

I am Black Manta II - loyal soldier of my father, the original Black Manta, and sworn enemy of my former "mentor", Orin. I have abandoned my former "team" - Aqualad is dead, as you will be, if you stand in our way.

(I am Kaldur'ahm...formerly known as Aqualad, though I cannot be sure if I will ever take the title again. I am the son of Calvin Durham and Sha'lain'a, of Shayeris, genetics be damned. I have sworn to take down the Light from within - to ensure that Tula's sacrifice was not in vain...)

{{Indie RP account for Kaldur'ahm of "Young Justice: Invasion".}}

{{This is a reboot of my old Invasion!Kaldur blog, "blackmantalad". Click on the Explanation page for details please.}}

{{Open to RPs and asks.}}

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12th June 2012

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Kaldur’s face in the last cap makes me wonder how he really feels about his father.


… Actually, that’s a very good point. His face is…sort of softer. So maybe be does actually care for Manta.}}

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12th June 2012

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Gift for lovelyravager.

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10th June 2012

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Aqualad’s face collection from Depths - Horrendous quality edition

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10th June 2012

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10th June 2012

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Kaldur: Welcome back!

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10th June 2012

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10th June 2012

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OOC: {{…..}}



Hello, guys.


This is…


Ummm. First of all…I haven’t been on this blog in weeks. Aha. Oh god I’m such a terrible mod |D

Second of all…as of “Depths”, this RP account suddenly becomes veeeeeeeeery awkward. Because I’ve been RPing Kaldur as if he’d actually turned (or as if he himself actually believed he’d turned).

So…I’m, uh, probably either going to delete this account and just…yeah, not RP as Mantalad for the foreseeable future |D OR um, I’ll reboot my Mantalad blog. Which will probably mean deleting this blog, then creating a new blog and starting again.

Umm…so IDK. |D}}

{{So…new blog now. ^^

Haha. Let’s hope I can keep this one running.}}

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