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I am Black Manta II - loyal soldier of my father, the original Black Manta, and sworn enemy of my former "mentor", Orin. I have abandoned my former "team" - Aqualad is dead, as you will be, if you stand in our way.

(I am Kaldur'ahm...formerly known as Aqualad, though I cannot be sure if I will ever take the title again. I am the son of Calvin Durham and Sha'lain'a, of Shayeris, genetics be damned. I have sworn to take down the Light from within - to ensure that Tula's sacrifice was not in vain...)

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10th June 2012

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(( I think a lot of people hate me because I play Barbara and get in the way of their Chalant, Traught, or DickKori LOL ))

((omg yes, hahaha it’s the same way with artemis. most birdflash shippers hate her because of spitfire |: ))

(( Oh my god, yes xD I’ve seen a lot of Artemis hate because of that. 

Just like La’gaan for SuperMartian.

People are crazy. ))

{{Meanwhile no one can bring themselves to hate Kaldur for getting in the way of ships because he needs any love he can get. |D}}

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